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Corporate Domain Management

Organizations with decentralized domain name portfolio management run the risks of trademark infringement and hijacking. Let our experts help you audit your portfolio and advise on best practices to meet your specific business objectives and maximize results. … Learn More

Online Brand Protection

With widespread internet access and usage, domain names have become the cornerstone of an organization’s online identity. Managing and monitoring the use of a brand through domain names has become critical to protect one’s IP assets. … Learn More

Become Our Partner

Our Partner Programme allows you to start reselling all our products and services, either by using our platform or in your own customisable online store with your own brand. You can now sell world domain names and web products and get cash from it instantly! … Learn More


Our audit, investigation and monitoring solution helps companies with their online brand protection efforts, to reduce brand erosion through fraudulent practices, hence increasing their overall marketing ROI. … Learn More

Trademark Clearinghouse

With the release of new generic top-level domains under the new gTLD programme, more people will be able to register domain names related to your trade mark brand names. TMCH helps protect trademark owners in the new Internet era. … Learn More

Domain Name Recovery

Following a thorough investigation and study on each target domain name, IP Mirror can assist your in-house counsel and even law firms in domain name recovery according to the best possible solution for each case. … Learn More

New gTLDs

Top-level domains (TLDs) refer to the extensions that appear at the end of domain names, after the "dot". From the current 23 generic TLDs such has .COM, .NET, .ORG, expect a thousand more exciting new extensions such as .BIKE, .CLUB, .ESTATE, .GALLERY, .GURU! … Learn More